One of the most important events that the Bush administration would be waiting for is to see whether the new push for stability in Iraq seems to be working. While being told by the House of Representatives that its policy in Iraq is wrong, Condy Rice is in Bahgdad to confer over the recent strategy. It is possible that the Senate will pass the motion as well, being construed as the Congress expressing no confidence in the President’s strategy on Iraq.

Currently, the US commander of one of the divisions in Iraq sees the security plan having resulted in reduced levels of violence, but whether that can be sustained is another matter altogether. One important factor in that is to reduce the number of car bombs that happen in markets and other crowded areas. These bombs impact a large number of Iraqis can lead to an overall sense of insecurity. If the death toll and such high impact items can be reduced, maybe Iraq has a chance then, otherwise nothing is going to prevent the situation from being totally out of control.

Read the CNN article here.

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