So President Obama is scrapping the Bush “Missile Defense program” that was planned to protect Europe from Iran.

Yes, I know. There is some question if the missile defense was any good against the actual threat, and all it seemed to do is irritate Russia. And it’s not like the program would merely be scrapped: there are plans for a newer system replaced it.

But that’s not how the move will be interpreted by America’s enemies, and the timing couldn’t be worse for America’s friends.

The President needs to hire a history major to work in his office. Announcing that he was going to dismantle the “missile defense program” in Eastern Europe on the anniversary of Russia’s aggression against Poland was not exactly good timing.

Of course, he would say, but Russia is no longer communist.

Uh, neither was Catherine the Great, who helped dismember Poland.

Eastern Europe, which has only recently gotten it’s sovereignty going again, now figures America will  “throw them under the bus” if it is inconvenient, and believe me, they will remember this long after Obama has left the presidency.

Yet other things going on are in play about the move.

There is a question if the missile defense program was in exchange to Russia’s agreeing to not oppose sanctions against Iran in the UN. Yet the UK Guardian says there is no such agreement.

Another reason I say this is bad timing is because it is the end of Ramadan, and more demonstrations are planned in Iran.

So we have a President who not only says he plans to remove protection against Iran’s missiles hitting Europe, but one who says he is eager to talk to the present holocaust denying president, who just openly stole the election.

These events will be seen by the Iranian regime as weakness, as if US is afraid to provoke them.

Before, Bush was hated, but there was always a nagging thought in the mullah’s minds that they might join Saddam in jail. Nowadays, no worries at all, except maybe Israel, who doesn’t like the idea of a Jew hating demagogue owning nukes.

Ironically, when it comes to missile defense, this move has implications in Asia. Yet recent stories out of Japan suggests they might not be as upset about the matter, since they admit the expensive program doesn’t work very well, and their new president plans to cut their own program.

But this announcement merely reinforces the impression here in Asia that the US is pulling out, and will “cut and run” from Afghanistan in the near future.

Look to Japan to manufacture their own missile defense program, along with increasing their military capabilities in the near future. And yes, they can quickly make their own nukes, if they think they need one.

So how does one approach North Korea?

Again, the Obama administration has decided to surrender. It was only last week that the US announced that it has given in to North Korea’s demands to hold “bilateral talks”, scapping the previous multilateral negotiations.

North Korea, is still there threatening Japan and South Korea with nukes,but apparently President Obama doesn’t think they should be part of the discussion. But what about China? China is worrying that a couple million Koreans will flee there instead of quietly starving to death next winter.

So how does the US get China on it’s side to try to influence North Korea to cooperate?

First cut them out of the negotiations.

Second: Start a trade war.

This seems to be a pattern.

We even see China being “dissed” by tires (of all things). Starting a trade war over tires is not exactly the way to make friends and get China’s help with North Korea.

I see an increase in Chinese influence in Asia, as the US pulls back again and is seen as an unreliable ally.

In contrast, “Spengler” sees Jimmy Carter redux: instead of a president who is hated (but everyone knows exactly what he’ll do), we get a guy who waffles and then overreacts.

No-one knows what Obama has in mind. WIll he surge or scurry out of Afghanistan? Will he brown-nose or bomb the Iranians? Will he placate or plaster the Pakistanis? Will he start a trade war with China or forge a new economic alliance? And what will his economic policy turn out to be?

So it looks like the Great Communicator is not going to be as popular overseas as some of us had hoped.

But there is good news: by kowtowing to Russia’s demands, my General Electric stock may go up.

If a Republican did that, there’d be all hell breaking lose.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her blog is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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