I have only been working this story for two days, but it is amazing how nimble scam artists are. Suddenly the web site has changed. To set the scene, I wrote an article talking about the site, and what I perceived as a scam. I suggest that you read the article.

Today I moved into a slightly higher gear and did some investigation into who might be behind FastLoan4me.com. I strongly suggest you read this article and listen to the interview.

While it is common for companies to use an agent to set up the company, and the agent has no control over what the corporation might do, generally speaking the agent knows what the client is planning.

The agent that I wanted to talk to was not available, but as can be gleaned from the radio segment I did talk to another member of the company. He was concerned about my call, but explained that he was merely the agent and knew nothing about what a client might be doing.  Nor was he able to match FastLoan4me.com to a corporation that they had set up.

Here is the strange part. Within a couple of hours of that radio program, the web site was completely changed.

Where they used to advertise the contact number of 775-200-1525 (not that it actually got you to a person), they have removed it.


Instead you get a rather boring homepage.


Sure I do bump into coincidences, but I smell something very fishy here, The timing was just too fast. Needless to say, I will be continuing my quest to get to the bottom of the story. Is this just a place holder until the have a new site and name set up?

Simon Barrett

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