The number of white Americans who harbor ill-will towards American Indians these days must be so small that you would need a microscope to find them. But that does not suit the Left at all — who need to see racism in others so badly that they even make up instances of racism and “homophobia” from time to time. My most recent mention of such a crock was last December 29th.. And the Left have orgies of self-congratulation whenever they do manage to find something they can call “racism” or “homophobia”.And, no doubt to their great delight, their deliberately wrong-headed approach to college sporting teams who use Indian names and mascots does at last seem to have provoked anger among students in the colleges affected. The Left have CREATED some of that lovely juicy “racism”!

As I mentioned on May 19 last year, the University of Illinois has been excluded from some sporting events because of its traditional mascot — “Chief Illiniwek”, portrayed by a student dressed in buckskins who dances at home football and basketball games and other athletic events. That the chief HONORS the role of Indians in Illinois history all Leftists are apparently determined not to see.

Because of oppressive college speech codes, very few of the students affected say what they think about it all but under cover of anonymity, some students at the University of Illinois HAVE made their feelings heard. On a facebook website one student said:

“what they don’t realize is that there never was a racist problem before … but now I hate redskins and hope all those drunk casino owning bums die.”

The sad thing is that Indians are getting the blame for what is mainly the work of hate-filled white Leftists.

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