Alberta has always been an exciting place to live, in the 80’s when oil was selling at $15 a barrel, you could find an unemployed geologist on very street corner! And every last one of them was whining, of course trying to rationalize with these ‘rock heads’ got you nowhere, ‘The government is not being fair’, was the clarion call. The government came a running! They gave Big Oil the breaks they needed.

Here we are almost 30 years later, and the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. Oil is $80 a barrel, and the Oil Companies are awash in money. Alberta is the only province in Canada that is in the black, and it is very in the black. With $80 barrels of oil, the revenues are enormous. So, the Albertan government if floating an idea of skimming off a small percentage of the ill gotten gains. A trifling 2 billion dollars.

Big Oil, putting on their Alzheimer’s hat, are conveniently forgetting the bad times of the early 80’s, and making wild threats about the plan to pry money from their wallets. The most egregious of the threats has to come from EnCana, they are saying that if the government goes ahead with the ‘windfall tax’ they will pull one billion dollars of investment!

If EnCana wishes to scale back their investment maybe the best solution would be to stop their disruption of downtown Calgary traffic while they build a gaudy monument to Oil! Four city blocks, two of which have historically significant buildings, are in the process of being destroyed. A major downtown commuter route has been closed for one year, all in the name of Big Oil!

The way I see it, you can’t have it both ways, EnCana are being naughty two year olds, and like naughty two year olds they should be sent to the ‘time out’ corner.

Simon Barrett


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