A woman’s first day on the job illustrates the negligence that schools often exert.  This negligence resulted in a mistaken kidnapping in Long Beach, California.  It was her first day babysitting for a child she never laid eyes on.  She waited at his school (upon her employer’s instruction), and picked up a boy that matched the physical description her employers provided her.  The young boy she picked up was willing to leave with the stranger, thus not alarming school officials.  The boy she was supposed to pick up waited for hours, until school officials called his uncle to come pick him up. 

The babysitter returned to her employer’s home and continued to care for the boy until his believed parents came home from work.  The parents informed the babysitter this was not their child.  They then saw the missing boy’s picture on TV and phoned the police.  Both children were returned to their respective parents. 

This was a clear cut example of the lax in security in schools.  Kidnappings are easily committed without resistance, and shootings are quickly becoming a dime a dozen.  The question is, as a society what do we intend to do about it?

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