An Unofficial Timeline in the Baby Grace Case

Police Working Around the Clock Sifting Tips and Clues

Why Has This Mystery Captured Worldwide Attention?
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A man fishing in a remote area of Galveston’s West Bay known as Green’s Cut finds a plastic storage container on a marshy sand bar. Green’s Cut is located about five miles southwest of the Galveston Causeway. Investigators in the sheriff’s office look into the Bay’s tides to determine whether the container drifted from another location.

Inside the blue plastic Sterlite-brand model 1842 container, a little girl wrapped in plastic bags.

In an interview with Crime Library Texas Equusearch Case Manager Cindy Wisdom said that there was no water in the container, “only sand and grass.”

“We do not believe she is from our area, because no one local has reported a missing child matching this description,” Cindy said. “She could be from anywhere in the world. There are ships that pass through here, so she could be from anywhere.”

Source: CrimeLibrary: Texas EquuSearch Trying To Identify ‘Baby Grace’

Galveston County officials put out an alert to participants in a fishing tournament held the prior weekend in an effort to find out whether any participants had seen anything unusual. Purportedly the tournament was a benefit to aid children.

—October 30th

Dubbed Baby Grace by Galveston investigators, more information was released to the media plus a plea to help solve the mystery of who the still yet unidentified little girl.

A preliminary autopsy report indicated one or more skull fractures, but further examination was needed to determine the time and cause of death.

“Baby Grace” was white and weighed between 25 and 30 pounds and stood about 32 to 35 inches tall. She had light brown or blonde hair that reached to the middle of her back.

Galveston County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Pustilnik said the little girl had been dead for at least two weeks, possibly more.

Source: Houston Chronicle – Investigators Seek Identity Of Girl Found In Storage Box

—November 1st – Police release a composite sketch of Baby Grace

Police release a photo of a pair of tennis shoes identical to the ones Baby Grace wore.Called the “Tiara” model, they are a children’s size 8 ½, white with purple trim and lights in the heels.

Source: ABC News – Baby Grace Sketch Released

—November 3rd

A forensic dentist determined that Baby Grace is between 2 and 3 years old. The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the child had been dead for at least two weeks and suffered from a skull fracture.

Hundreds of tipsters from around the country contacted Galveston authorities with possible leads to help identify Baby Grace after sketches were released.

“We’re sorting through a lot of leads,” said Major Ray Tuttoilmondo with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office. “Nothing has hit a home run yet.”

Tuttoilmondo added that several callers said they believe the child’s body, which was discovered by a fisherman late Monday, may be that of Madeleine McCann, a 4-year-old British girl whose disappearance from a resort hotel in Portugal in May has made international headlines. In September, Portuguese police formally identified Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann as suspects in the case.

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Baby Grace Timeline: “She Could Be From Anywhere in the World”


Baby Grace Timeline: “She Could Be From Anywhere in the World”

CrimeLibrary: Texas EquuSearch Trying To Identify ‘Baby Grace’

Houston Chronicle – Investigators Seek Identity Of Girl Found In Storage Box

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