Mom says “He did it”

Stepfather’s attorney: “He’s Innocent”

Statements from the Only Two People Present When Riley Sawyers Died 

Now that capital murder charges have been filed in the case of Riley Sawyers,’Baby Grace,’ it’s interesting to look back and see when and how the attorneys of Kimberly Trenor and Royce Zeigler began to defend their clients to the “court of public appeal’ or potential jurors.

The defense of Kimberly Trenor began back at the end of November on the 28th when her attorney, Tom Stickler, told the media, four days after Trenor and Zeigler’s arrest that there “there was no intentional desire to kill Riley.” [1]

Trenor gave a three hour videotaped interview on November 23. Accompanied by Stickler, Trenor’s statement was used as probable cause in the arrest of both Trenor and Zeigler.

In the Affadavit to arrest Trenor and Zeigler on the charges of Injury of a Child, Trenor maintains that she and Zeigler spent at least 2 – 4 hours “beating” Riley. That she, Trenor, only engaged in hitting her little girl with a leather belt and holding Riley’s head underwater while it was Zeigler who picked Riley up by her hair and threw her across the room, her tiny head hitting the tile floor. Trenor states that Riley was put “face first on her bed” and also “face first into the couch” but no mention in the affidavit of who it was who did this to Riley. According to Trenor, Zeigler gave Riley children’s pain medication and that after Riley was dead, Zeigler laid a “purple towel” over the little girl’s body. [2]

What does Clyde Ziegler’s attorney have to say about all of this?

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Riley Sawyers: Mom, Stepfather Proclaim Their Innocence 


Riley Sawyers: Mom, Stepfather Proclaim Their Innocence

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