While the Defendants’ Attorneys Vie, A Judge has Approved Movement of Riley Sawyers’ Body

Riley Sawyers was Once Known as “Baby Grace” to Millions Worldwide 

Riley Sawyers’ Body To Finally Rest in Ohio 

Galveston County District Judge David Garner approved an agreement which will release little Riley’s body to her family back in Mentor, Ohio.

Riley’s mother, Kimberly Trenor, 19, and Royce Zeigler, 26, are charged with Capital Murder and tampering with evidence in the death of Riley. The judge has given the Galveston County Prosecutor until April 16th to decide whether he will ask for the Death Penalty.

Judge Garner said a trial for Zeigler and Treynor might be scheduled for early or late summer, exactly one year after Riley Sawyers and her mother moved to Spring, Texas to be with Zeigler.

It’s alleged that Zeigler and Trenor murdered Riley on July 25th then placed her body in a plastic storage tote bought at Walmart. The couple put the little girl’s body in a shed in the backyard until, no one is quite sure, they drove 75 miles to the Galveston Causeway and dumped the plastic tote.

Zeigler’s attorney, Neil Davis III, maintains his client’s innocence while claiming Zeigler is “remorseful”.

The upcoming capital murder trial promises to be ‘must-see’ TV for crime watchers.

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“Baby Grace”, Riley Sawyers, Going Home


“Baby Grace”, Riley Sawyers, Going Home

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