DNA Match Between Bodies of Baby Grace and Riley Sawyers

Kimberly Trenor is Pregnant

Accused Turn Against Each Other

Other Little Missing Little Girls Studied

News continues to emerge in the case of Riley Sawyers/Baby Grace, Kimberly Trenor, Clyde Zeigler II, and the authorities concerned.
Two weeks after twenty-year-old Robert Sawyers submitted DNA samples to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI the results are finally in. It’s now official, Baby Grace, the little unidentified girl whose body, encased in a plastic tote, was found by a fisherman October 29th on Galveston Bay, is Riley Sawyers.

Riley’s mother, Kimberly Trenor, and her step-father, Royce Zeigler, sit in the Galveston County Jail, both charged with evidence tampering and injury to a child.

With Baby Grace’s identity confirmed, District Attorney Kurt Sistrunk will consider upgrading the charges filed against the girl’s mother and stepfather, Tuttoilmondo said.

Trenor and Zeigler were charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence on Nov. 24. They’re being held on bonds of $350,000 each. [1]

So it now official: Baby Grace has been identified as two-year-old Riley Sawyers of Ohio.

This wasn’t the only news in this case coming out to the public.

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Baby Grace, Riley Sawyers: DNA Confirms Match


Baby Grace, Riley Sawyers: DNA Confirms Match

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