Investigators Not Prepared to Rule Out McCann as Unknown Baby Grace

Is Baby Grace Madeline McCann?

The strange sad case of the little girl found floating in Galveston Bay has taken another turn. Investigators have now said it’s now possible that the body of Baby Grace could be that of McCann, who was abducted during a trip to Portugal earlier this year. Earlier reports had ruled out McCann.

More on this sobering case and it’s developments from the Galveston Daily News:
Baby Grace isn’t the only little girl with long, blond hair separated from her family and home.

Investigators on Monday said at least two dozen girls reported missing from across the country match the physical description of the child investigators have named “Baby Grace.”

The 2- to 3-year-year-old girl’s body was found by a fisherman last week, entombed in a plastic storage bin that washed ashore a tiny island along the Intracoastal Waterway in West Galveston Bay.

Which missing child report, if any of them, can answer detectives’ questions about who Baby Grace is remains unknown.

Investigators were pursuing 170 active leads and on Monday were conducting follow-up interviews with people who had given promising clues, Galveston County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo said.

The FBI and sheriff’s office investigators are going through missing children reports individually to decide which ones could reveal Baby Grace’s identity, Tuttoilmondo said.

Officers want to be cautious as they narrow down the possible children, so they don’t eliminate the right girl or unnecessarily alarm families unrelated to the case, Tuttoilmondo said.

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Is Baby Grace Madeline McCann?

Galveston Daily News

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