Riley Sawyers Missing and No Report Was Filed by Mother

Riley Sawyers Has Not Been Submitted to Amber Alert

Not in Amber Alert or FBI’s Missing Child Data Base
What’s going on here?

The strange and baffling case of Baby Grace, the name given to the unidentified body of a little girl found October 29 on Galveston Bay, now has an added twist.

It was determined by autopsy that Baby Grace was between the ages of 2-4 with light brown to blond hair. In their attempt to solve the mystery of who Baby Grace is the local Galveston County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI turned to cases of little girls reported missing that were close to Baby Grace’s description.

GALVESTON — Investigators have requested DNA samples from the families of eight missing children, one of them from Spring, who fit the description of Baby Grace, a 2- to 3-year-old girl whose body was found in a plastic box on a sandbar in West Galveston Bay.

After receiving about 350 leads, investigators chose the eight cases from among 110 cases of missing children who matched the girl’s description, Galveston County sheriff’s spokesman Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo said Wednesday.

The eight cases are from all over the United States, he said.

Authorities requested a DNA sample from the father and mother of the Spring girl, Tuttoilmondo said. The father lives in Ohio and the mother lives in Spring, he said.
DNA results from Baby Grace are expected late this week or early next week. Tuttoilmondo did not know whether the DNA samples from the Spring girl’s father had been received. He said it takes two to three weeks to obtain DNA results once the samples arrive at the lab. [1]

The authorities didn’t know little Riley Sawyers was missing until her father, Robert Sawyers, and grandmother Sheryl Sawyers in Ohio happened to see the story of Baby Grace and the sketch supplied by the authorities.

Why did the Riley’s mother not report her missing? Other questions will be forthcoming.
Riley’s story is troubling on a number of levels.

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