Police Still Sift Clues, Searching for “Baby Grace”‘s Identity

Thousands of Tips Continue to Pour In 

Parents of Missing Little Girls Still Hold Breath 

 Video Timeline of Case Now Available

The video timeline of the case of “Baby Grace”. Police found her body washed ashore near Galveston, TX a little over two weeks ago.

Police have named her “Baby Grace”.

Who is Baby Grace?

The search goes on as parents of missing little girls across the country hold their breath until the identity of the girl found outside of Galveston, TX is discovered.
Once thought to be Madeline McCann, the little girl who disappeared from her parents’ room while they vacationed in Portugal, the focus has now shifted to other possible matches.  Over 150 possible missing little girls are being considered, but police say that “about 24 girls” are where most of the activity is centered.
Police continue to sift through thousand of tips, which have poured into the Galveston, TX authorities.  No new leads have been made public in the last few days, but all branches of Texas and federal law enforcement have gotten involved in this sad mystery.

Who is Baby Grace?

It started in Texas. A man fishing in a remote area of Galveston’s West Bay known as Green’s Cut finds a plastic storage container on a marshy sand bar. Green’s Cut is located about five miles southwest of the Galveston Causeway.

Investigators in the sheriff’s office look into the Bay’s tides to determine whether the container drifted from another location.

Inside the blue plastic Sterlite-brand model 1842 container, a little girl wrapped in plastic bags.

In an interview with Crime Library Texas Equisearch Case Manager Cindy Wisdom said that there was no water in the container, “only sand and grass.”

“We do not believe she is from our area, because no one local has reported a missing child matching this description,” Cindy said. “She could be from anywhere in the world. There are ships that pass through here, so she could be from anywhere.”

Read Rest of story, watch video:

Baby Grace: A Video Timeline


Baby Grace: A Video Timeline 

Baby Grace: A Timeline 

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