A routine birth turned bizarre for Polish doctors who delivered a baby boy who turned out to have a blood-alcohol level six times the legal limit for driving. This was measured 12 hours after he was born meaning that the boy was already extremely drunk before he was born. The doctors decided to check the five pound, seven ounce baby after they noticed that his mother was drunk while giving birth. Chances are, he will suffer neurological damage because of his mother’s drinking habits.

The effects of drinking while pregnant can be extremely damaging to a child. Every drink that a pregnant woman consumes is also consumed by the baby, just as food and regular beverages are fed through the bloodstream into the placenta. Alcohol interferes with a baby’s ability to get enough oxygen and nourishment for normal cell development in the brain and other organs. One severe effect of his behavior is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or FAS. This syndrome carries with it a number of mental and physical effects that develop while the baby is still in the womb due to too much alcohol consumption. The effects include: small body size and weight, slower development, deformed ribs and sternum, curved spine, hip dislocations, bent/fused/webbed/missing digits, limited joint movement, small head, facial abnormalities, webbed skin between eyes and nose, nearsightedness and other eye problems, opening in roof of mouth, organ deformities, heart defects, genital deformities, kidney and urinary defects, central nervous system impairment, small brain, mental retardation, short attention span, irritability at infancy, childhood hyperactivity, and poor body coordination.


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