The US solider who fled to Canada rather than be sent back to Iraq has gone AWOL once again after returning to the US to face desertion charges. The soldier, Pvt. Kyle Snyder, originally fled to Canada after coming back to the states from Iraq where he planned to file papers to gain status as a refuge. When his lawyer failed to file the paperwork on time, he decided to return to Fort Knox to face charges. His lawyer told him that an agreement had been reached where Snyder would face less than honorable discharge from the Army. But when Snyder reported to Fort Knox he was told that he would be sent back to Iraq and would report back to his unit the 94th Engineer Battalion which was not part of the deal. So Snyder has gone AWOL once again.

Speaking to reporters via phone from an undisclosed location, Snyder said “I came back in good faith. I put my trust in them one more time. Why should I put my trust in them again when I can just go back to Canada?”

Snyder says that while in Iraq he worked as a combat engineer and was one day put on patrol duty even though he was not trained in that area. While on patrol he saw an innocent Iraqi man die from American fire. That is when he lost faith in the war. Upon his return he fled the country in April 2005.

U.S. soldier who fled to Canada goes AWOL again (Globe and Mail)

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