Metalcore heroes have taken a risk with this DVD. It is pretty much devoid of music at all. It has 5 live tracks as a bit of an aside to the rest of it. However, for fan or non-fan alike, the documentary, which makes up most of this DVD, is quite interesting. If you want to know what it takes to be a big band these days, they got the skinny on it.

From their touring together all over the US in one van to their current level of fame, this fan driven band tells it like it is. And unlike many bands in a similar position they take time to thank all the people who helped them get where they are. They even dare to tell us how their odd name came about. It becomes clear that this lot know where they want to be and how to get there, even having a plan on what type of music each CD will be like early in their career.

It might have been a good idea to include more music in this package and have a slightly less annoying interface, but then again I think the lads can get away with it. Their fans probably have oodles of examples of all the tracks and will snap this up in droves. For the rest of us, it’s an fascinating ride on the current trail to superstardom.

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