Mannie is an entertainment industry attorney and his wife Ashley is an R.N. They have written a number of books on the subject of health and nutrition. They have some strong views on the use of chemical additives in food and the use of GMO products.

Simon, our views have not changed.  I do believe that too many shots in the early years are a primary cause along with the effects of chemicals and GMO in the food this generation eats daily.  It is not one thing.  It is the totality of the chemicals.  Look at the Teflon lawsuit information in West Virginia and look at the birth defects.  In fact, if you look at the history of contaminated towns, now include Detroit, and its effect on the birth rate and the childhood diseases, autism, cancer and diabetes, there is a direct link, in our minds at least.  It takes some time to see the effect so you have to look at the history of Monsanto DDT lawsuits in Missouri and Alabama.  It may be 20 years before the full effect of the chemicals in food, water and personal products rear their ugly faces.

And lets not forget the devastating effects of perfumed female hygiene products.  I knew a number of women who almost died from perfumed tampons.

Also, one of the facts none of the doctors discuss is the ratio of these shots to the amount of blood in an infant at the time of the shot.  It is one thing to give a shot to a grown man with 8 pints of blood and an entirely different issue to give multiple shots to an infant with approximately 8 ounces of blood.

Wakefield has his faults, but most of the criticism comes from a well-financed assault on his reputation by Big PHARMA trying to protect their reputations and profits.

I found this a very interesting view point. While not actively supporting Wakefield, they do not reject him outright. Rather, they take the position that Vaccines are merely one factor in the story.

This ties in with some comments by Dr. Silvio Aladjem that I did not talk about in I posed the theory that if it was not vaccines causing the problem might it be another factor. He was luke warm on GMO, however he expressed an interest in the idea that social factors might be involved. Might technology play a role? Our modern world has created an environment where we are tied to our cell phones, we have become islands with a population of one.

Socialization is indeed important, not only for baby dogs! I smiled at your friend’s statement that the kids don’t interact with each other, they just text. How true.  Adults too, mind you. It’s a disease. At this rate we will all be zombies. I have a theory which postulates that using the available instant communication makes one feel “important” and ridiculous at the same time. Teenagers walking down the road with their phone in their ear talking who knows what about. Adults are no different. Not too long time ago, my grand daughter (15 and know it all) came to visit. She sat down in our home and the first thing she did was call someone and check her email on her iPad. But than, her mother was no different. She sat down and immediately called her friend in LA.  I stood up and left. Asking them to let me know when they finished their “business”. I believe, when at home, they text each other from the living room to the bathroom. I think the part of their brain that deals with social interaction, eventually will atrophy!~ Of course I’m the old man that doesn’t understand these things!

Unfortunately technology is taking over. For good and for bad. Failed socialization is one of the bad things, I venture to say VERY BAD. I am hopeful that eventually sanity will prevail and we will alter course and come back to being “humans” again, but don’t hold your breath.

As for environmental effects, it’s something to think about. We just don’t know. I am sure it must play some role, but I don’t know what. Remember a few years ago there was a scare that cell phones may be the cause of brain cancer because of the radiation or wireless waves?. After a while the subject disappeared from the map. Studies were really never conducted seriously. I guess there is too much money in this business. But I wished we would take it seriously again and clarify the issue. My gut feeling is that something may be there and we ignore it. Same is true with other issues that were never pursued. Then, of course, is the Flint Michigan, water contamination with Lead, which authorities knew for more than a year and never told the public.

Sometime you wonder, what were they thinking?

More in part 4

Simon Barrett 

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