Bill Conrad is a good friend and regular panelist on my radio program. I included him in my survey because he is perfectly ordinary. I mean no disrespect, rather he is the man in the street.

I have no idea where he found this gem:

Poor kids are diagonsed 11 months later. probably because of insurance coverage and lack of knowing their child is not well by parents/guardians.

While the comment does little to further the search for a cause of Autism, it is a wonderful talking point. One can not dispute the fact that health care and justice are tilted in favor of those with money. Bill went on to add the following points:

food malnutrition

dietary deficiencies

low birth weight

toxins in environment

This is an interesting list. Reading between the lines it is possible to infer that economics play a part in the equation. Unfortunately I can find no evidence of a connection between poverty and autism. In fact if anything there seems to be anecdotal data pointing to the opposite.

Bill is the second person to mention ‘toxins’, they certainly are responsible for a number of health issues in babies, but again there is no clear link to autism.

More soon

Simon Barrett

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