Autism Sunday Twitter Storm

Autism Campaigners around the world are planning an Autism Sunday Twitter Storm to mark the international event on Sunday 13th February. People have been asked to tweet and re-tweet on autism, on the serious issues on autism or just simply celebrate the lives of all people with
autism across the globe. There are 67 million people with autism. Many struggle without proper public services.

Cathedrals, churches and parents groups are marking Autism Sunday – the event was launched in 2002 by British parents and carers Ivan and Charika Corea who are parents to a teenager with autism. It was launched with a historic service at St.Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Autism Sunday 2011 is now a massive worldwide event, celebrated in many countries. To join the Autism Sunday Twitter Storm simply tweet and re-tweet on autism on 13th February mentioning Autism Sunday.

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