The recent campaign by Polly Tommey on Facebook

There is a lot of people who are saying that AUTISM can be cured on this campaign Facebook page, I disagree Autism is a developmental condition, Autism cannot be cured by supplements, or any form of treatment, its really upsets me as a person with the condition that some parents are giving the wrong message out to other people.

The FACT remains is Autism is not curable, there are over 500,000 people in the UK affected with Autism, if there was a miracle cure don’t you think by now all these children and adults with asperger syndrome and Autism would have been cured by now.

My twin is 35 years old he has never communicated he can’t, he is simply locked in his own world, do you think if there was a cure I would have give him the magic pill or supplement by now to cure his Autism  from Autistic to none Autistic!

Some of the  leading expert’s on Autism say that there is “no cure”, so why are these parents telling others there is this magic cure with supplements, and biomedical intervention will cure their autistic child, they are blinding other parents beliefs in a cure to Autism and this is so wrong.

Kevin Healey

Autism Campaigner UK

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