We’ll soon see Steve Irwin’s final filmed documentary, Ocean’s Deadliest, on the Discovery Network January 21, so check your local listings. For him, sadly, it was the deadliest.

This long-awaited film will definitely not include the footage shot on Irwin’s last day on earth and sea, however. He had always said he wanted to go down looking into the rolling camera, exclaiming “Crikey!”, but it will not happen on TV. That sinister film canister of September 4, 2006, has been turned over to to family for safekeeping and all the copies used in the investigation destroyed, according to authorities.

I certainly hope it does not turn up on YouTube or an underground internet page. I also wouldn’t want to run into it suddenly through Bluetooth technology that sends images to your phone or other enabled device when you approach the broadcast area. That could cause a lot of people to bump into the nearest building or pole – or tree, if they were driving. 

In better news, daughter Bindi has come to America to promote her new show Bindi, the Jungle Girl.  She’s going to be on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Ellen DeGeneres Show later this week.

I wish she’d be on Craig Ferguson’s late night show, because that would be a real treat. He lost his dad a year or so ago and had an amazing tribute to him with drums and singers and all things Scottish; so now he and Bindi could dance and sing for Steve. Then, adding in her groups the Crocmen and the Wiggles, it would be a real barrel of laughs – or naughty little monkeys, as Craig says.

I think Craig should do an “wildlife week” along the lines of Letterman’s ventriloquist week that was such a hit this past fall.

It’s time, as Terri Irwin says, to have fun again.  But we miss Steve.




[Edited by Simon – Minor typo]



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