According to a recent report one of the largest unions in Australia is joining a battle aimed at getting the New South Wales government to clean up an abandoned mine that has allegedly led to a number of people contracting asbestos related health problems.

The union, The Australia Manufacturers Workers Union, is joining forces with Tamworth Regional Council in order to get the cleanup underway at the abandoned mine site in Barraba. This follows news that some people have contracted serious and even deadly asbestos related diseases from the Woodsreef mine.

One campaigner said that since he has raised concerns about the safety of the mine recently he has been contacted by individual who claim to have contracted health problems relating to asbestos exposure at the mine. He said: “We’ve uncovered a couple of people with asbestos diseases that have either worked at the mine or been associated with it.” Asbestos is a known carcinogenic, and can cause a range of health problems through exposure, including scarring of the lungs, respiratory problems, and asbestos related cancer and mesothelioma.

An investigation is now being conducted by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI). Officials have confirmed that Hunter New England Health has conducted tests at the mine but no results have yet been released.

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