A report that has recently been released in Australia has indicated that the level of asbestos related deaths in the country are set to continue increasing until at least 2017, with many more cases expected to come to light as deadly illnesses such as mesothelioma come to the surface after lying dormant for decades.

The report has been released by Safe Work Australia, and officials from the group have said that there has been a steady rise in mesothelioma cases in Australia since 1982, which is when national data first started being released.

In 1982 there were just one hundred and fifty six cases of this asbestos related cancer reported, but by 2005 this is said to have increased to nearly six hundred cases. These numbers are now expected to continue increasing for the next eight or nine years at least.

Whilst there are now regulations in place with regards to asbestos in the workplace to protect consumers, many of the cases that are set to come to light will have stemmed from exposure thirty or forty years ago when these regulations were not in place.

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