A recent report has highlighted how some children in Australia may have potentially deadly toys in their possession, after it was revealed that a number of toy cars made in China and containing asbestos were sold to Australian buyers via Ebay. Reports claim that over one hundred remote control toy cars containing asbestos in the brakes were found for sale on the site.

Ebay officials have confirmed that several of the remote control cars were sold to Australians, and officials state that exposure to the asbestos contained in the toys can cause serious health problems or even fatalities, as asbestos is a known carcinogenic.

A number of concerns have been raised over toys made in China recently, with toy manufacturing giant Mattel recently forced to recall over twenty millions products due to scares of toxicity. This includes a worldwide recall of toys such as toy cars and Barbie dolls.

One official stated that sellers had an ethical obligation to ensure that asbestos containing toys were not being made available for sale in Australia. He added: “Anecdotally, we understand that asbestos parts in situ, inside toys for instance, or in the gaskets of motorcycles, are very difficult to detect and to stop from getting in.”

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