By Honey Gillard

Everyone’s favourite shagadelic spy, Austin Powers, is set to be bringing his groovy ways back for a fourth time.
Austin Powers’s multi-star Mike Myers, who is currently promoting his newest release movie ‘Shrek: the third’, recently revealed to ‘Movie hole’ that he is “eyeing an Austin Powers 4”.

The installment is said to already have a “fully conceived idea” behind it and will this time focus more on Dr. Evil than the ‘International Man of Mystery’ himself, Austin Powers – taking a fresh twist from the previous three instalments. (Though when you think about it they’re the same actor anyway so it’s sure to be hilarious’).

Myers, 43, says:  “There is a fully conceived idea for a fourth and I can just say that it’s from Dr Evil’s point of view, so if you balanced how much of it was Austin with Dr Evil, it’s more Dr Evil than Austin.”

The rest of the cast is not yet ‘officially’ known but one can only assume that it’ll feature such previous stars as ‘Buffy’ star Seth Green (who plays Dr. Evil’s son, Scott), Mindy Sterling (who plays Frau, Dr. Evil’s love interest in the previous 3) and a lovely lady (as we could conclude from the previous roles of Elizabeth Hurley, Beyonce and Heather Graham).
Who will be Austin’s bag, baby? Perhaps some of the Shrek cast will lend Austin their talents.

It has been almost 5 whole years since the release of ‘Austin Powers in Gold member’, which featured such Hollywood stars and starlets as Micheal Caine, Beyonce Knowles and Micheal York. And a whole 10 years since first shouted those two famous words, “Yeah Baby!

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Source: Movie Hole

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