According to a recent report Australian rubbish collectors found the deadly substance, asbestos, dumped in bins outside the Cooma showground and Hain Centre. The findings were made between Christmas and New Year according to the reports.

The asbestos had been put into cardboard boxes, and the boxes had them been dumped into the rubbish bins according to industry officials. Authorities have said that if the asbestos had been crushed in the refuse trucks there could have been a real possibility of exposure to both workers and the general public.

One official said that it looked as though the asbestos had come from a kitchen renovation. He said: “So we asked at the kitchen renovation place if they knew of anyone who had been renovating recently, but they didn’t.”

He added: “The rules changed recently to stop this sort of DIY demolition. It went from 50 to 10 square metres of asbestos that can be removed without a qualified, licensed person.”

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