Just some highlights of a very newsy day!

  • Cash 4 clunkers ran out of gas!~
  • Reverend Obama is preaching to the public: larger government is now the “moral” option.~
  • Ted Kennedy is, sadly, dying of brain cancer and as a last wish he wants to undo the law in Mass so that the governor can appoint his successor — how ironic — he was the one who successfully pushed for the law that didn’t allow the Mass governor (a Republican at the time) to select a replacement US Senator. When the tables turn — anything can happen.~
  • The Lockerbie bomber — the man who was convicted in Scotland of murdering 270 people by blowing up Pan Am flight 103 was suddenly released so he could die at home in Lybia. He returned to Lybia to a hero’s welcome. The Scot government says he has cancer and only a couple months to live so as a humanitarian gesture . . . who do they think they’re kidding? This was a trade to Lybia for something . . . someday we might find out what.~
  • Back in the good old days, figures like a billion dollars were not even imagined — now its small change. The US announced that the U.S. Import Export bank is loaning $2 billion to Brazilian oil company Petrobras so they can create jobs drilling for oil. Is our current administration even aware of this country’s problems? Used properly, $2 billion could do a lot of good here in the US as a loan fund for small and mid-sized business startups — and the resultant job creation would make for a much brighter Christmas for lots of American kids. Priorities?!?!~
  • I found out that Quentin Tarantino’s new movie, “Inglourious Basterds” is NOT, after all, about the Obama administration!~
  • Former Mass governor, Mitt Romney, has come forward with his own health care reform plan and his is already working in Mass. When he was governor he put the plan in place but he was voted out of office before the program got started — under a Democratic administration. It is working well and people like it but there are some budget problems — not surprising, considering the heavily Liberal (can you say tax and spend) Mass legislature and the Liberal governor.
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