The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU and their influence today
by Rodney Atkinson

This is the audio release of speech given by Rodney Atkinson, brother of Rowan of Black Adder fame, that he gave at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London in February of 2008. Needless to say the title of the piece rather tells it all.

True to form Mr Atkinson describes, in remarkably Churchillian tones, that many of those one thought might have been in prison or in hiding post the fall of Hitler’s Nazi Germany in fact did a rather quick job of re-inventing themselves and continued as if nothing happened. Even at least one person directly involved in development of the financial solution managed to get himself a high-ranking job in the development of the modern EU.

What is most worrying, of course, is that the modern EU really does not differ from the Nazi unified Europe that was being planned as early as the late 1930s. Granted the Jews are far safer than they would have been if Hitler had completed his plan. Then again things are exactly easy for Jews in continental Europe today if a tad less deadly. Hitler and his Nazis would be pleased at the continuing financial support of Israel’s enemies that flows from Brussels.

Americans especially would be very surprised to hear how easily some of the second-tier bureaucrats in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy simply evolved in EU bureaucrats.

If you are interested in this fascinating speech please head over to and order a copy.

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