The President spoke with reporters minutes ago and seemed to offer public support for the Attorney General despite rampant speculation amongst pundits the A.G. was on his way out.

Veteran political watchers doubt the depth of Mr. Bushes willingness to use executive privilege and point to the offer made by the White House counsel earlier in the day. The President will allow staffers to speak informally with the Senate judiciary committee provided the “conversations” are not recorded, transcribed, under oath or made public which seems a sign the Oval Office and the Chair of the Judiciary are engaged in hardball political maneuvering.

Based on my personal sources I agree the President is indeed attempting to out flank senate democrats. This President and the entire Bush family are known for a sense of loyalty despite the fact it was the Attorney General who screwed up.
General Gonzales is being given a window of opportunity to counter the partisan attacks on the justice department. Regain the confidence of Republican and moderate democrats and does so knowing that his replacement is being vetted to hit the ground running.

Alberto Gonzales is one of the last remaining members of the Presidents original team from Texas and if the Democrats are hell bent on bringing him down this President is making it clear Liberals are going to have to work for it.

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