My White House sources tell me the resignation of the Attorney General and naming of his replacement could come as early as Friday. “The vetting process is already underway” A reliable insider reported to me during a weekend phone conversation. The President was said to be “furious” that the controversy over the dismissal of the U.S. Attorneys overshadowed what he considered a “crucial” visit to south America. To be frank If the rank and file party members had stood ground during midterms then it would not have become an issue.

“Providing cover for the screw up at Justice” would only have been possible if “we had won the midterms” my source related. “Everyone likes the A.G hell everybody liked scooter” but “were engaged in trench partisan politics” and “we no longer have the congress to cover flank”. I asked my source if the President was steadfast in his commitment to Iraq or would the threat of congress to cut off funds force a change in policy. Despite the liberal media, “this President knows in his heart” “the majority of Americans support the troops”, it leaves little doubt He will focus the full message of this administration at convincing the American people that the Democratic plan to simply pack it in and leave would be catastrophe for Iraq and consequence future attacks on American interests where ever the enemy feels emboldened.

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