While pundits advantage the democrats with today’s resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I take the contrary position and see it as a circumstance the President can use to generate some much needed political capitol.

While it is true the administration will leave no legislative legacy, Time enough remains for the President to rehabilitate his short term historical image. Were he seeking my advice I would encourage him to announce he will seek bipartisan consultation in selection of the Justice nominee.

The President may feel moderate and traditional republicans are to blame for a Presidency that is considered by most a resounding failure, But from a tactical standpoint his best play is to make a public display of inviting all his critics onto the bridge. Assume the role of a leader eager to embrace a nonpartisan approach to finishing up his term.

While few if literally any of those who feast on the weekly revelations and exposures would actually want to pitch in and see what they could do for the better interests of the Republic.

In America when the man is down and crying uncle, If you continue to kick him the crowd will turn on you in a split second.

By reaching out and asking for bipartisan resolution to current issues. The President forces the opposition to change tactics.

Frances Charles De Gaulle became a master at the political tactic of making it appear that the other guys were to blame for problems he started. 

George Bush however may be a true disciple of the Christian evangelical neoconservatism that colors and marks a very dismal state of affairs, If that is so the democrats will continue the political feast, and who ever captures their nomination will win in a landslide.

P.S. Burton The Phoenix Sentinel

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