The Attorney General despite the want of liberals and turncoat republicans, Did nothing wrong and has no intention of offering his resignation. While he candidly acknowledged having misspoken, It is evident the whole scandal is a democratic attempt to discredit the President. The democrats drunk with power are throwing a political orgy and our boys in uniform will be paying the price.

The Attorney General, and every U.S. Attorney serves at the pleasure of the President, it is a political appointment and if you lack team spirit, your gone its that simple. That the Liberals now decry the politics of political appointments is smoke and mirrors, Where were the Liberals when Slick Willy Clinton fired all his U.S Attorneys? Did the Attorney General put his foot in his mouth when he said the dismissals were related to performance issues, You bet your sweet Bippy he did, He should have added performance as republicans.

NOT a single charge or allegation of untoward conduct in respect to attempting to hide, cover up or influence a crime, The U.S Attorneys fired were sacked because they failed to follow party agenda, and in politics that’s how it works. The Liberals have convinced a goodly portion of the people that allowing politics to decide who keeps the job and who gets canned is the scandal,  To say “We simply can not have the post of U.S Attorney Politicised” is bull crap, The position is all about politics.

The Democrats have betrayed the people, emboldened the enemy and spent the last few months making a mockery of the  American way of life.

It is time the silent majority call on the President to use those provisions of the Patriot act that allow him to detain fellow travelers and those who support and embolden the enemy here in the United States by use of lies and deception.

Edward Feld is a contributing columnist for the Phoenix Sentinel and B.N.N

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