I would like to call attention of Mr Manish Tiwari spokes person for Congress party in India which is currently ruling.

Yesterday, Mr Azim Premji the respcted businessman of India and head of the Wipro group made a statement that “there is complete lack of Governance” and this could affect the economy of India.

As always, Mr Manish Tiwari was quick off the block to deny that “there is absolutely no case for saying that there is no governance and if Mr Premji gives any specific instance Congress would attend to it”.

Well, I am not aware which specific issue Mr Azim Premji was referring to but I can provide a specific instance where I can say that there is ample demonstration that the current Government at the Central is simply not functioning and I would like Mr Manish Tiwari to respond.

I am refering to my series of posts in blogs as well as letters sent to Mr Kapil Sibal (Minister MCIT), Mr Gulshan Rai, (Director CERT) Mr R Chandrashekar (Sec MCIT) and various other functionaries in the Minsitry of Communications and Information Technology /DIT, regarding the vacant position of the Chairperson of Cyber Appellate Tribunal not being filled up since June 30 2011 which has affected several victims of Cyber Crimes whose cases are pending at various stages.

Details are available at www.naavi.org and the articles : Status of Cyber Appellate Tribunal :: DIT/Ministry of Information Technology ignores public interest call 

It is clear that MCIT has completely  shut off from Governance and hence no decision is being taken in respect of the appointment of the new Chairperson.

Dear Mr Manish Tiwari, now I look forward to your action in this respect.


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