For years the scientists and environmetalists having been crying loud in research publications and public media that global warmng can have a catastrophic effect in human civilisation and the ecological balance of the planet. Only ocassionally have the nations took time off the real politiks games they play to express their concern.Sometimes they go to the extent of pledging a positive role and more rarely do they keep up to that commitment in the long run.

It is now UK which has called for an urgent and sincere action to combat global warming before it causes serious economic and environmental catastrophe.The recommendations are contained in a  report by Sir Nicholas Stern, former World Bank chief economist and a senior UK civil servant.

The central idea advocated in this report is about establishing a carbon price, through tax, trading or regulation as “an essential foundation” for tackling global warming.This would essentially mean development of an international market in carbon trading to slash emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.On the basis of this report Britain advocates concrete policies to support a range of low carbon and energy efficient technologies.

If the scientific assessments are right, it is high time that the nations, rich and poor, come together to pledge commitment to a reduced carbon emission to leave the world liveable to the generations to come. Such a stance does not necessarily pose a choice between tackling climate change and promoting economic growth too, because one can be achieved without jeopardising the other.

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