In Austin, Texas on Monday January 8, at least 63 birds dropped dead.

This prompted authorities to close down 10 square blocks of the city’s downtown for much of the day. A homeless gentleman in the area was interviewed and stated that not only did he see dead birds, but strange-acting dying birds as well.

Local folks are calling the avians the “Undead Zombie Birds.” 

Some officials fear that whatever attacked the birds might find its way to the large and famous colony of bats located nearby. They were debating on what precautions to take to prevent this. Rumors of zombie bats would surely arise.

Several bird bodies were sent to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to Texas A&M University for analysis. A report is several days away.

Meanwhile, in New York City, a horrendous stink of gas moved across Manhattan, causing numerous complaints and fearful responses.  Several commuter trains were stopped in order to prevent possible harm to passengers and crew from the phantom gas.

No progress has yet been made in determining the specific cause or origin of the moving gas. It dissipated and apparently affected no person or animal on its way out of Manhattan. However, Mayor Bloomberg stated that the odor may be that from a substance, mercaptan, added to non-odorous natural gas in order to trace its movements.

Others believe that the NYC gas is a type that may have been present and killed the 63 Austin Zombie Birds.



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