For two years, Jay Dobyns was working in a very risky line of work. As an agent for the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms he faked a murder in order to gain membership into one of the most infamous criminal organizations in the country, the Hells Angels. For two years, Dobyns rode with the gang taking notes along the way in an effort to bring the criminal gang down and finally it was his notes that brought down 16 members and their associates.

Just four years after leaving the criminal organization though, Dobyns is coming out publicly to state that he feels that the ATF abandoned him after his true identity was revealed to the public at large. The Hells Angels and other gangs that were recruited by them made death threats against both Dobyns and his family but the ATF did nothing he says. In an interview with CNN, Dobyns said “There was a murder contract on me and there was what was called a green light list, which was circulating in the prison, which was a list of people that various gangs wanted killed,”

The only protection that Dobyns says he received from the ATF was a transfer with no special protection for him and his family. He now says that he has filed a suit against the ATF for the emotional stress and financial burden that he and his family have had to endure by repeatedly moving in order to keep ahead of those who want him dead.

In a note that was passed along to CNN, ATF acting director Michael J. Sullivan said that “There is nothing more important to ATF and to me than the safety and protection of our employees and their families. We at ATF understand that we have a solemn responsibility to protect the people whom we charge to investigate and arrest the country’s most violent criminals,” He also said that all of his allegations were being reviewed by ATF and the Department of Justice.

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