I read the story with interest. It is hardly the first time that a religious group has got grumpy over a book or movie, so why not get grumpy over a silly video game? Riling up the religious folks can do wonders for sales. Dan Brown was basically just another wannabe writer until he pissed off everyone in the Catholic church (Pope included) by writing The Da Vinci Code. The end result was a world wide best seller. Dan Brown had arrived!

Few people though actually court the wrath of religion. Who needs it? The good news is that Spanish Inquisition has been disbanded, and very few places still use the Dunking Stool or the Rack. Of course it is still possible to get a lethal Stoning or Whipping in some parts of the Middle East for crimes such as rape. Ironically it is not the rapist that faces death, but the victim!

So what is the story behind Asursa’s Wrath, why are Hindu’s so upset? I think the simple answer is that most Hindu’s could not care less! It is a bang em up shoot em up game. It is typical PC game fodder. To complain about it would be akin to Ford or GM complaining about Grand Theft Auto. Or the feds whining about the Sims and the game stealing economic ideas.

So who exactly is upset with Asura’s Wrath? This is where it gets interesting. Some guy by the name of Rajan Zed claims to be the Hindu leader in the US. And certainly a Google search shows that he is prolific in his spouting’s. Yet he seems to be largely an army of one. It is impossible to find any credible link to this guy from the Hindu society.

It is estimated that there are some 1,000,000 Hindu’s in the US, one would think that a few might be tempted to acknowledge him as the leader. Rajan Zed however plows on regardless. Almost every single day I get some nonsense from the man.

His PR company works overtime! Rajan has something to say about just about everything. About Asura’s Wrath:

Hindus have criticized the popular new Hindu-themed angry action video-game “Asura’s Wrath” for trivializing Hinduism and its concepts.

 Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that such trivializing and reimagining of highly revered symbols and concepts of Hinduism was not okay as it was upsetting for the devotees.

 Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged the video-game developers not to unnecessarily drag Hinduism just for mercantile greed. Developers were welcome to use Hinduism related themes but the information should be based on its actual ancient texts.

Who said this guy is a statesman for the Hindu community? About the only evidence I can find is Zed. The is no evidence that the Hindu population even know his name.

Taking a leaf from Zed’s plan I am changing my resume, from now on I will be known as:

Simon, who is President Of The Universal Society Of Barrettism,

I think it has a nice ring to it.  Of course I have no wish to enter into a trademark war, so I added the ‘THE’ in the title. Well my theory is that the acronym POTUS-OB is quite catchy.

Simon Barrett


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