Some stories never die. Close to 10 years ago I wrote an article about this nasty company that supposedly is headquartered in California but mostly operated out of call centers on India. Make no mistake these people are sleazy debt collectors and Skip Tracers. You can read my original article here. 

Today I was looking at the recent comments on Blogger News and noticed one on the Astra story. Normally I would just trash junk but this one caught my eye. One look at Astragobal,com tells you all you need to know.

Dmis seems to the senders name and he has the unlikely email address, about the only thing remotely interesting is the IP which appears to located in Pennsylvania. So as not spoil the fun I have done no editing other than place it in italics:

TODmjs…. Dmjs said, in April 23rd, 2009 at 6:28 pm
I work at Astra Business Services…I know what u guys mean by harrassment but please understand it is our job to call and verify a consumers ssn.Its not that we want to but to protect the privacy of the consumer we need to make sure were speaking to the right person.
We cant jst disclose info to just ne1.
We dont steal ssn’s but we get them from our clients and ur ssns were infact given by you while u were signing up for the card or watever the service.Please give us a break.

We are a legitamat company and we are bound by the FDCPA.Every call is recorded and if u ask us not to call you we immidiately mark ur # do not call.
Maybe if u paid ur bills on time we wudnt have to clal u so much.Were jst tryin to help in gettin ur problem resolved.We offer good discounts to make it easier for you as well.

And by the way calling a neighbour is not something we want to do its something we are told and infact allowed to do by law in a few selected states in the US.
We call a neighbour once and by the way and we only contact them again if we are given permission by them to do so.
Angela Cook was just doing her job and she did it well.And Mrs Barrett was kind enough to help us out and we wud be grateful if the msg was conveyed.If Mrs Barrett told us clearly that she will deliver the msg but not to call her again then we would have done that without an issue.

As for the consumers….
Instead of hanging up all the time jst speak to the reps n hear us out and see what we have to offer you.We jsut want to help and we are here to hear you out as well.

Your spelling is awful please take a English class. No one has to listen to your fake claims of owing money to anyone on the phone. Also asking anyone for a Social Security number over the phone is a BEG RED FLAG that you are a not anyone honest you are a scam artist and a bad one at that. IF you are a legitmate company mail the bill to the persons home

I will of course forward this article to Astra Business Services with the suggestion that they invest in some ESL (English as a Second Language)  classes, both in India and Pennsylvania.  

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