Follow the money. Yes, that’s right, follow the money.

You really didn’t think that the “Wikileaks” scheme was about being anti war, did you?

From ZDNET, a computer related website:

…Wikileaks founder Julian Assange…(is) now blackmailing Amnesty International and other human rights groups for $700,000 to remove names of Afghan civilians who might get killed by the Taliban if their names get released on Wikileaks.

Ah yes. Must have money.

Last week, five Human Rights groups asked Assange not to release documents with the names of innocent civilians.

“I’m very busy and have no time to deal with people who prefer to do nothing but cover their asses,” Assange was reported to have replied.

The UKGuardian reports that a sixth human rights group, Reporters without Borders, has made a similar request, and gotten ridicule in reply.

On Twitter, WikiLeaks responded by deriding Reporters Without Borders as “Reporters San Fact”, accusing the organisation of issuing “some idiot statement, based on a bunch of quotes we never made”…

The difference between these Human Rights groups and Assange is that they publish the atrocities that are committed on all sides.

True, many Americans have the impression that only Americans commit atrocities, but that’s not true. And some on the right think these human rights groups are anti American, but that’s not true either.

A quick perusal of their websites show an attempt to be non political, and so they expose the human rights abuses of all sides.

However, the US press rarely picks up stories where these organizations document other stories of abuse, such as saying the Taliban should be prosecuted for war crimes because of their deliberate atrocities against Afghan civilians.

For example, how many Americans read this report?

Civilian casualties caused by the Taliban and other insurgent groups increased. Between January and September, armed groups carried out more than 7,400 attacks across the country, according to the Afghanistan NGO Safety Office. The UN registered more than 2,400 civilian casualties, some two-thirds of whom were killed by the Taliban.

No you didn’t, and Assange knows that there is a lot of other people will ignores such reports, because Anti Americanism is politically correct among the leftwing press in Europe and the propaganda press run by dictatorships in the Middle East. Every American caused civilian death, even if accidental, is called an atrocity while ignoring the much more common atrocities on the other side.

It is this distortion that alarms many of the real organizations that try to protect civilians against thugs, be they government or “insurgents”,  in countries all over the world.

That is why Assange ridicules their very real and often dangerous work and minimizes their work by insisting they pay him if they want to protect civilians by redacting their names from the Wikileaks papers: Because Wikileaks isn’t really about protecting civilians and stopping civilian casualties, it is about Assange.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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