According to a recent report, asbestos that had been dumped at a beauty spot in Wales was left there for around three weeks before finally being removed, increasing the chances of contamination in the area. Asbestos is a substance that can cause serious and even deadly health problems through exposure to its airborne dust and fibers.

The asbestos had been dumped in the Graig, where is had been left in a bin as well as on the actual road itself. One resident living close to where the toxic material was dumped said that he had no idea why authorities had taken so long to remove the asbestos when they had been made aware that it was there.

He said: “I think the council should have procedures in place when something like this happens, but it still there three weeks after it was reported. I appreciate that the council can’t do it themselves, but if it so dangerous that they need a specialist team and equipment to remove it, then why has it been sitting there on a public footpath for so long? They should have the equipment ready anyway and this should have been sorted out as a matter of urgency.”

He added: “It is known to be lethal and if kids find it and break it up, this will cause all the dust to be dispersed into the air. I’ve also got an allotment nearby, so I’m worried that its going to get into the vegetables.”

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