A vessel which has been found to have asbestos on board has recently been ordered out of Australian waters, according to a recent report. The vessel has been at the centre of an industrial dispute in Darwin, and workers recently walked off the vessel after it was found to contain asbestos.

It was a week ago when workers on the seismic exploration ship, Ocean Endeavour, decided to walk off the ship because of asbestos. Tests were carried out and confirmed that the ship’s air conditioning was releasing asbestos into the air, putting those on board in danger of exposure to the toxic substance.

Union officials have said that those that were on board will now be put on the national asbestos register. One union official said: “Some of those people have worked on that vessel for anywhere between 12 and 18 months. So there’s concern anger disappointment at the situation they find themselves in.”

Tracey Jiggins from the Maritime Safety Authority said that the owners of the vessel have agreed to get it moved, and she said: “The airborne samples were negative for asbestos however there are some gaskets in the air conditioning system that could pose a hazard if disturbed, so our understanding is that the owners of the vessel are taking it back to Singapore to have those replaced.” Read here for All You Need to Know About Custom Gaskets

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