The president of an asbestos training school has been convicted for selling false training certificated to hundred of immigrants. According to reports the immigrants had not completed the necessary training to be certified but were sold certificates by the school, which meant that on paper they were qualified to carry out asbestos works when in reality they were not trained.

Thirty eight year old Albania Deleon will be sentenced in February of next year in SU District Court, Boston . A number of the people that received the false certificates from the training school in Methuen are said to have been illegal immigrants from New Bedford . They got work overseeing asbestos removal work at a number of sites in Massachusetts .

Deleon faces more than twenty years in prison as a result of the conviction, and she has been charged on a number of counts, including hiring illegal immigrants, encouraging illegal immigrants to live in the United States , and conspiracy to make false statements.

One official stated: “The potential health risks associated with untrained workers doing this kind of work is very disturbing. Couple this with the fact that most of the employees were in the U.S. illegally with unknown backgrounds, and you have a mix that makes for a significant public safety threat.”

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