Authorities in Ireland have confirmed that a certain amount of asbestos is to be removed from an Irish glass bottle bank in Poolbeg. Confirmation of the cleanup was made by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA). The work will form part of a project that was started at the Irish Glass Bottle site last year.

The project will include removal of around two meters of underlying soil, among other things. The works will be carried out by Becbay Ltd, which is reportedly a joint venture with Bernard McNamara, Derek Quinlan and the DDDA.

In a statement that was recently released the DDDA stated: “The soil materials will be removed from the site to Dublin South Port via South Bank Road for onward shipment to a suitable processing facility in Europe . All sub-contractors employed will be suitably licensed and experienced to handle and dispose of hazardous materials.”

One official stated: “It is a long process and we will be going out to consultation with the communities and other interested parties at a later date. Until such time as we prepare the planning scheme we will not know what is going on the site as of yet.”

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