It has been announced that a new asbestos support group is to be launched in York in the UK, and this will enable those that have been affected by asbestos related disease, as well as the families of those affected, to find new ways of getting support and to share their experiences with other people in similar situations.

The new information and support groups is being launched by two nurse specialists, and it is hoped that the group will enable those affected by asbestos related disease to seek further help and support, get useful information, and share experiences with others, which can also prove to provide additional support.

The two nurse specialists that are setting up the support group are Alison Hyde and Jo Love, from York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They came up with the idea of the group after patients filled out a questionnaire stating that they would be interested in a support group for sufferers of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

One of the nurse specialists said: “The diagnosis of lung cancer can leave people feeling isolated and frustrated at the lack of information available to them. This group will provide much-needed information, support and reassurance in an informal and friendly setting.”

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