Eighty companies have been named as defendants in an asbestos lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of the estate of a deceased worker. The lawsuit was filed earlier this week at Jefferson County District Court by a law firm representing the estate of deceased worker Lillie Young.

The lawsuit claims that the eighty companies named conspired to hide the effects and dangers of asbestos exposure from workers, and further claims that the defendants are therefore guilty of maliciously afflicting the asbestos related disease onto Young.

The lawsuit states: “Defendants knowingly conspired among themselves to cause plaintiff’s injuries, diseases, and illness and/or death by exposing him to asbestos. Defendants committed conspiracy by willfully misrepresenting and suppressing the truth as to the risks and dangers associated with asbestos.”

The lawsuit went on to state: “Plaintiff has sustained damages including injuries…and has been deprived of the opportunity of informed free choice. Each defendant violated federal and state regulations relating to asbestos exposure.”

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