According to a recent report asbestos sealant has been discovered at a refinery, resulting in the evacuation of some of the workers, although officials have said that operations at the refinery have not been affected by the incident. The asbestos discovery was made at the Sinclair Oil Refinery in Carbon County .

The asbestos was discovered over the weekend according to an official from the Carbon County emergency services. At the time the asbestos was discovered work was being carried out by a construction crew on a heater at the refinery.

Officials said that all necessary precautions were taken by the refinery, and therefore it did not have to be closed as a result of the discovery. The incident was described as a minor one. An official from the emergency services said: “They did everything they needed to do. As a matter of fact, they probably did a little more.”

Occupational safety officials have visited the site to ensure the safe handling of the asbestos, and around two or three hundred workers had to be evacuated at the time. One official said: “There won’t be anybody allowed into the area until they’ve properly disposed of the asbestos.”

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