According to recent reports asbestos has now been removed from a site in Kentucky, which has pleased local residents who were worried about exposure to the potentially deadly carcinogenic. The asbestos was at the former Independent Tobacco Warehouse demolition site in Horse Cave, Kentucky.
The Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Department for Environmental Protection has recently conducted tests and confirmed from the results that asbestos has now successfully been removed from the site. The asbestos contamination at the site was discovered in October of last year.
Apparently debris from the roof of the building had been ground up for use as mulch but was then found to have contained asbestos. The news caused widespread concern amongst residents in the area, as many were worried that the process had released asbestos dust into the air.
The director of the Division for Air Quality said: “I would like to commend local and state emergency responders, as well as Division of Air Quality staff, for dealing quickly and thoroughly with the asbestos contamination at the Independent Tobacco Warehouse site.”

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