The Springfield Township school board has revealed that it has awarded an asbestos removal contract to The Prime Group Associates Inc. after the company put in the lowest bid out of six bids that were put forward. The abatement work is to be carried out at the middle school and the former Erdenheim Elementary School building.

The bids that were received by the township ranged between one hundred and ninety four thousand dollars to five hundred and sixteen thousand dollars. The Prime Group has already performed similar projects on a number of occasions within the district.

A school board official stated: “It is not unusual to see vast differences in bids for abatement projects. Bids tend to be influenced by the current workload of each firm and the duration of the project.” He also said: “We’ve done many abatements in recent years, and the technology they have now, they’ve got it down pat. And we hire an environmental testing group to watch over them every step of the way.”

The project at the middle school will be carried out in phases over the next two and a half years because it is currently used by students. However, officials have said that students will not be in any danger from exposure.

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