According to a recent report a lawsuit that was filed against a law firm and a radiologist has been dismissed by a U.S. District Judge. The lawsuit was filed by a transportation company and alleged that a fraudulent diagnosis of asbestosis had been made by the doctor.

The transportation firm, which was Florida based CSX Transportation, filed the lawsuit against Pittsburg attorneys Robert Pierce and Louis Raimond, as well as the radiologist Dr. Raymond Harron who made the diagnosis. The doctor stopped practising in 2007 after being reported to the Texas Medical Board for questionable diagnoses.

The lawsuit was brought by the transportation company claiming that the diagnosis that was made on Kentucky railroad worker Earl Baylor was a fraudulent one. The complaint accused the law firm and the doctor of both fraud and conspiracy.

However, the judge dealing with the case, U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp, has reportedly dismissed the lawsuit of the transportation firm as a result of lack of evidence.

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