An asbestos manufacturer has been ordered pay damages of over seven million dollars to a former actress and singer and her husband, after she contracted terminal cancer following exposure to asbestos. She was exposed to the deadly substance when working on a home remodelling business with her husband.

Joan and Daniel Mahoney had their damages estimated at twenty millions dollars by a superior court jury, but because there was only one defendant in the shared liability trial the couple will only receive a portion of this. The defendant, Georgia Pacific Corp, has been assigned thirty percent of the liability, and will have to pay just over seven million dollars.

Reports state that while the remainder of the estimated damages will go unpaid the couple has already reached confidential settlements with some other manufacturers.

An attorney for the defendant in the case stated: “We sympathize with Mrs. Mahoney and her family. However, based on the use, frequency and amount of exposure she has described – as well as the type of asbestos fiber that was contained in our joint compound – it is highly unlikely that a product formerly made by GP could have caused her injuries and illness.”

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